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Atlantic Ocean · North Atlantic subtropical gyre


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  • Data

    Data localization Personal communication from K. Pabortsava

    Data resource:

  • Methods

    238U_method salinity-derived Chen et al. 1986

    Total_234th_method 4 L of seawater collected on a stainless CTD rosette

    Particulate_234th_method sediment traps PELAGRA type

    Comments Pumps (SAPS) deployments failed. POC and PON:234Th ratios from sediment traps same data used in Le Moigne et al. 2014 (10.1002/2014GL061678) to estimate 234Th-derived POC fluxes but 234Th data not reported there

  • Aditional data YES: POC:234Th and PON:234Th ratios from sediment traps BSi:234Th ratios (not compiled).