About us



Welcome to Sea of Thorium compilation, a collaborative project between Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Universidad de Sevilla-Applied Physics II Department.

This is the first effort to generate a global, standardized, and comprehensive repository of all existing Th-234 data in the ocean. It contains an extensive dataset that brings together all available observations in a robust, consistent and accessible manner. Sea of Thorium aims to be an open and dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, research, and data among the thorium community and beyond. Our goals are to:

  • make our Th-234 dataset a growing data compilation, open to the participation and improvements by the whole thorium community, updates included;
  • Expand the use of Th-234 to as many applications as possible;
  • use this Th-234 repository as a seed to grow a wider repository of carbon flux estimates in the ocean.

You can navigate through the Sea of Thorium using our search tool and interactive map. For each data set you will find a summary of the metadata included in the dataset and the corresponding downloadable file.